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About Us

Our mission is to create rooted multi-genre performing arts experiences that push frontiers in terms of content, form and medium and modes of audience engagement worldwide

Musiana, a Public Charitable Trust (URN – AAETM0680J/10/15-16/T-1092) originating in India in 2015, with the signature “moments for the soul” works to record, preserve and share performing arts presentations and narratives of the South Asian region countering market norms and standardization through both online and offline mediums. Challenging mainstream idioms and conventions of practice, Musiana currently focuses on producing content on music for all and storytelling for children, as well as creating a collective space for independent performers and community-based cultural groups to express their creations. The thoughtfully curated content of Musiana are preserved and shared through its website, YouTube channel – The Musiana Collective (, blog and live performances and workshops in music, poetry, visual arts, storytelling and so on, in West Bengal, the state of its origin. Musiana is a non-profit and its content is created out of contributions and sponsorship that are exempt U/S 80G of the Indian IT Act.

Creator: Dr. Arna Seal I Co-founders: Dr. Arna Seal, Srikanta Acharya, Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty, Mostafa Towhid Khan

About Content Music

In Musiana’s productions in music practitioners teach, talk, converse about and perform music. Each ‘musiana moment’ video is curated with individual musicians who steer us through myriad musical journeys. Designed to make us all reflect upon the way music is created and performed, its roots in multiple cultural pasts and its dialogue with the contemporary, each episode helps us appreciate the infinite narratives of music and music making. The aims is to play an integral role in the learning and appreciation of music in civil society, promoting talent in music and the related arts and archiving musical ‘moments for the soul’ for the future. Musiana works in close collaboration with the Jagoron Sanskriti Charcha O Gabeshona Kendra, Bangladesh. Currently, the language used is predominantly Bengali Musiana videos of 10-25 minutes are recorded live and brought to you free through YouTube. You are welcome to link to or embed these videos, forward them to others and share these moments with people you know. Engage and join the conversations with us here and on our YouTube channel Music video categories are elucidated below:

The Musiana videos feature:

Class series

Lesson modules on music by renowned musicians

Talk series

Artiste-speak on musical interpretations, experiences, journeys

Conversation series

Dialogues on musical memories, understandings, projects

Rising Star series

Performances of upcoming talents in music and the related arts

Performance series

Performances in music and the related arts

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Several offline live performances of contemporary music, Tagore Songs and Poetry has been hosted by Musiana in Kolkata since 2015. Since 2017, Musiana also holds a music appreciation course ‘Aroho’, by its co-founder, the renowned musician and singer Srikanta Acharya, in collaboration with ‘Bratati Parampara’ , a spoken-word based cultural organization in Kolkata.

Outreach: Beyond Notes – Music for Education: Beyond Notes’ is a recent initiative of Musiana being piloted in partnership with NGOs working with children and youth from vulnerable households. It comprises after-school learning sessions where lesson plans with activities are created around the Musiana videos. Children and youth across geography watch, experience, put their questions and comments and conduct activities around the video and exchange views. In the process they gain knowledge in language and the Social Sciences. They learn to reflect, create and ask questions. Here is music as a tool for education, social change and social inclusion as well as music that engages the community in thinking beyond the mundane and the artificial. Be with us to share these stories as they unfold on Musiana Beyond Notes.

About Content Storytelling: ‘Gop-Gop-Goppo’ Series

‘Gop-gop-goppo’ is an online storytelling series for children aged between 3 to 12 years (it can be viewed by people of all ages), in which a new video is released every Sunday. The series will present various kinds of stories to bring back the oral tradition of story-telling and promote the art of listening for children. It challenges the mainstream market norms of standardized children’s entertainment by exploring realms of audience engagement purely through ‘listening’ of a story, instead getting immersed in computer painted cartoons. This is an attempt to support the honing of children’s imagination in an age where technology ‘does it all’ for them – or may be not!…

Also, the series aims to revive the traditional Bengali form of storytelling, perpetuated over generations by parents and grandparents and induce in young children, a love for the Bengali language, which is unfortunately under threat. It hopes to serve as a medium through which children are able to connect with the language in their daily lives. The storytellers are accomplished film, television and theatre actors, educators, elocutionists and musicians known for their extensive work in their respective fields. The long-term plan is to involve Community Story-tellers from urban and rural India and include stories in other languages.

A yearly off-line intimate festival to weave magic with stories, spoken words, songs and experiential learning is in the pipeline.

About the Blog

The musiana collective blog gathers writings on the myriad layers of the performing and visual arts and its connect with life, past, present and future. Written by practitioners and art lovers from across the globe, the articles are penned in both Bangla and English. This is a space where largely young people are invited to write. Overall the writings are aimed at enabling the readers to connect their lives with the arts. They raise questions, generate conversations, engage and shape world-views.